Winds of change blow

I apologize for not updating for a bit. My dog died suddenly, right after I made the previous post. This utterly destroyed me. I was extremely upset about it. Right before he passed, I also started a new job. So, everything happening at once made everything very stressful for me. This is why I have been absent.

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Summarizing my current journey

My beliefs have swayed over time, and I think this is normal. If people can be change their opinion based on new information received, the same is true for beliefs. I know some people would say it is “unstable”, specifically under the guise of tradition, but as a philosopher I am inclined to greatly disagree with them. It’s natural, healthy, and valid to have your beliefs evolve over time. In fact I would argue, it is far less healthy to cling to traditions or beliefs that you doubt or do not believe in.

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I am definitely a pagan atheist

Recently, I have been re-evaluating my beliefs and unbeliefs. For a brief time, I was an atheist when I was 14 without knowing what one was based on the fact I did not believe in God. I just couldn’t believe because it did not make sense to me and I did not know science. I’ve also been thinking about me being a modern philosophical Satanist, on top of being Wiccan and Hindu. (None of these conflict. Hinduism has many atheistic branches, is an umbrella term like paganism is, and Wicca is about right practices more so.)

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Common Misbeliefs about Wicca

I covered some of these topics before and others I did not. This is just a small list of common misconceptions I hear, mostly from non-Wiccans. Some of this is used as criticism of the religion. But I don’t really like this as I do not consider it adequate criticism.

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Spiritual Warfare

I wanted to write about this because it has been on my mind lately. I was heavily indoctrinated by an extremely religious mother, which a large chunk of my family is the same way. In other words, I was raised to see those of other religions as “the enemy” and to enact the concept of “spiritual warfare” on them. Praying against them was the most common tool to utilize, in this regard.

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How to read Omens

My last two posts were a bit negative, so I want to blog about a more positive subject. This subject, for me, is entirely subjective and is based on my own experiences. I have no experiences reading books about omens or listening to others. I did all of this by touch and feeling, and confirmed through my practice.

I did not seek the omens out nor how to read them. It just happened that way. My witchcraft just evolved like that. I did however, know about symbology and how many animals, events, and the like are symbols for other things. I think that is a good background to have and I tend to interpret them from world mythology knowledge. But some things are just feelings.

In old days, all witchcraft, magic, and religion did not rely on texts. (Most could not read nor write.) It relied on being in touch with nature, confirmed experiences, and training by someone who was more experienced than the individual. Many of these facets in modern times have vanished. (Not all, but many.) So now we rely on tech, writing, and so forth to share things.

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Christian Baggage + Toxicity in Paganism

I need to make this because it is not just about me, this shit is prevalent in every echelon of the pagan community. (Not just with Neopagans either, Reconstructionists are just as guilty!) I believe I have covered this topic a bit in previous posts. But, indoctrination is strong. It is strong enough to convince people, who broke of some of their indoctrination, that they are free. Free enough to ignore other problematic areas that spring up.

My indoctrination was still strong that if 20 year old me was making this post, I would call it out as a recon about how I am not indoctrinated and do not care for Christianity. But I was. I was unaware of it, however. It was not until I was older, that through secular writings, I became aware that some of this was the same as Christianity or worse; radical Islam.

Trigger/Content Warning: Rape, Blood, Religious abuse, violence, etc.

Warning: Long post!

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Buddhism & Hinduism: Looking within

So, this may sound confusing to many people because I am definitely pagan, a witch, and a Wiccan. But I have shifted from Hinduism and Buddhism, several times etc. I need to make this less murky to myself and other people. I do not see these religions quite as conflicting as most.

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